Brisbane, - 12th April 2015
  • MASA Conference
    The flagship event of Malaysia Summit of Australia (MASA)! It is an annual conference gathering Malaysian students from Australia to engage in dialogue with Malaysia’s leaders. Speakers will be from various backgrounds – politicians, corporate CEOs, activists, entrepreneurs.
  • MASA Careers
    MASA Careers is the perfect platform all student of ALL year levels, from first to fresh graduates to gain an insight to an industry. Prominent companies from each industry will be present at MASA Careers. Do not miss this opportunity to kick-start your career pathway and submit your Resume now!
  • MASA Games
    The largest sporting event for Malaysians in Australia. Participants from the 7 states enthusiastically compete at the national level. Each state will send a delegation to compete in the hopes of winning the MASA Games Champion.
  • MASA Cyber Games
    MASA Cyber Games is a brand new component in the 2nd MASA! With the popularity of e-sports increasing at a rate faster than all other conventional sports, we felt the need to ensure that MASA caters for our fellow Malaysian e-gaming athletes! MCG includes all time favourite games, Dota 2 and FIFA 2014 which will be held at Melbourne’s premier Internet Cafe! Get ready and game on! GG GL HF!
  • MASA Excellence Awards
    MASA Awards is where the exceptional gets rewarded for all their hard work and dedication. Contestants will be separated into 4 categories: Engineering, Commerce, Science and Arts & Social Sciences and judged based on a wide variety of criteria. The MASA Awards is amongst the most prestigious award for Malaysians studying in Australia.

Registration for 3rd MASA 2015 is officially closed! However, you can still drop-off your resumes here.  

Thank you for your support! 



 The 3rd MASA 2015 Survival Booklet

What is MASA?

Malaysian Summit of Australia, simply put as MASA, is more than an event run by students. Conceived by the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA), MASA is a unprecedented idea based on a vision to gather people of diverse interests – students and non-students alike – at one place. Just like our country Malaysia, MASA is unity in diversity.

MASA Components

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